PennCares serves children and adults with disabilities, as well as the elderly.

PennCares services are designed to assist each person and their family, regardless of disability or age; from infants determined to have a developmental delay requiring therapy, to an adult or senior requiring additional care and companionship in the home.

Sometimes you need a little help.

Perhaps you’re a senior or a person with a disability who needs a bit of daily assistance with specific household duties and personal care needs.
Perhaps you need a few extra hours of support caring for a parent, or a loved one recovering from surgery.
Perhaps you have a young child with special needs and challenges.

We can help you with the level of care you want.

We’ve been here for you in south central Pennsylvania for over 50 years, growing with our neighbors and broadening our offerings to meet the individual needs of each person and their family with kindness, consideration, and competence.

PennCares In-Home Support

PennCares In-Home Support

PennCares offers a range of services for people with disabilities and their families, designed to help you to continue to live well in your community and have control of your life.

PennCares Early Childhood

PennCares Early Childhood

Children born with a disability are entitled to interventions that can help prepare them for success, and like all children, thrive with stimulating activities and positive relationships.

PennCares Professional Trainings

Professional Trainings

Our professional trainings offer researched-based programs designed to assist professional and family caregivers meet the needs of older adults with behavioral challenges.

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